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Default Eli Talking To You Straight

I have been speaking to a couple of my most highly respected Globalemcee Alumni
off site and they have expressed their concern over the Fee being charged to the
Fan Level Member.

Since they questioned this I realized others would too. Because I value their opinion and it goes straight to the core of what the Globalemcee concept is, I feel I should address it straight on.

The immediate reaction, understandably, is " How do I promote to my friends and Fans to pay $10 to vote for me in the Tournament". Though I understand the reaction it gives me great pause that the vision is still so narrow by the ones I thought understood and would embrace the site concept so well.

The Tournaments are the foundation to generate music for GlobalRadio, giving our Artists two venues of exposure. The cash prizes are an added gift ... if you are only here to win money then we are all wasting our time.

It has taken over a year. Enemy and I have spent countless hours of our time and I have spent several thousand dollars to bring Globalemcee back for it's Alumni Members as well as all of the new talent out there.

We are not here to make money from Registration Fees. We will be limiting the number of Artist Level Memberships so there will be a ceiling to the money generated through subscriptions. We plan to re-invest this money into the site so that we can continue to keep the site running at the highest level and offer large cash prizes. I personally carried that financial responsibility for years and am not able to do that again. It costs far more than $10 a year to maintain any account on site. We also are not taking any part of any sales made through this site. We are letting the Artists have the full benefit of profit.

I want to remind you that the Guest Level Memberships which are unlimited are free and the only difference in permissions for Fan Level is that they can vote, post on the forum and enter GlobalRadio Cash & Prize Contests. Guest Level members can read all forum posts listen to GlobalRadio and Access Artist Pages to listen/watch videos/contact artists/buy.

We have not asked any of you to bring any of your friends or fans to the site. (In fact, I have asked those that have offered to promote at this time, not to) and of course it is up to each member how far they want to go to promote the site and themselves through the Globalemcee Platform.

Our immediate goal was to invite the site Alumni back first, like a family reunion of sorts and to show respect by allowing you in with the courtesy of a free membership and first chance to enter the Tournament. I also wanted some of you here to create the atmosphere we all loved about Globalemcee for the new members we are confident will come in once we do start down the social media road. The thought of it terrifies me and is another reason we have limited the Artist Level Memberships. We want to be able to take care of everyone the best possible and would not be able to maintain a high level of service and amenities to unlimited Artists.

I am here, as I always was, a patron to this art, to inspire great music and to promote and support those Artists that are here to support themselves and the site by using every opportunity Globalemcee has to offer.

I'm going to end this with a quote from an Alumni Emcee a long time ago which has always stayed with me.

"Eli's got your back dawgs GlobalEmcee is like the Daycare Center for
Hip Hop Artists"

still true ... Daycare costs a lot these days specially when you have so many children.

I'm gonna leave this thread open if anyone wants to comment.
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